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Leather Stock Lots Wholesale

Quality at best prices

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We are the first in Leather Scraps

We export and sell large quantities of quality leather scraps

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Highly qualified consulting

We offer our multi-year experience to our customers in the selection of skins for every need

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We are specialized in leather trading and wholesale

In our showroom and warehouse we have a great variety of leather. We buy, select and then resell advising the customers about the products that best suits their needs. We put our experience and know-how in this work, for over 60 years, at the disposal of our customers, dispensing professionalism, reliability and attention to details.

And these are our strengths

Why are we the leader in stocks lots and leather scraps?

In these fields we have conquered the international market using the “Made in Italy”. Leather produced in Italy is known to be the best in terms of quality, because of this the main fashion brands use for their luxury items, furnishing fabrics and leather details, only the Italian leather production. We are able to intercept these skins and offer them at low cost and no minimum order.

In our showroom you will also find regular production leather

Wet Salted Bellies, Hides, Trimmings & Heads

Wet Salted Bellies, Hides, Trimmings & Heads

The choice of wet salted raw leather plays a key role in the tanning process and leather business. Mapel is today the largest exporter of wet salted bellies, with hundreds of containers exported each year. We are specialized in the trade and selection of wet salted leather of all kinds: heads, trimmings and hides.

Wet Blue & Wet White Leather

Wet Blue & Wet White Leather

Mapel is one of the largest exporters of Wet Blue Splits and Wet White hides. The Wet Blue and Wet White leather are part of a more complex tanning process that sees the skin crossing different phases. One of these is the pre-tranning from which we get this type of unique product that can be offered to the market.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Mapel offers a full range of vegetable tanned hides in different colors and finishing: double butts and shoulders for belts and leather goods, veg bellies for sandals, hard out-sole leather and much more. The vegetable tanning process belongs to an ancient traditional technique, it is 100% vegetable, and does not contain chromium or other harmful substances for humans. The veg tan leather offers unique characteristics and exceptional resistance.

We recommend or produce the leather that best suits your needs

Years of experience in the leather business allow us to have important skills to put at disposal of our customers. We can recommend the most suitable product according to the project in which it will be used. In our showroom you will find a wide selection of leather from the most important Italian fashion companies that can be used according to their characteristics in a large number of projects obtaining great results at low costs. We are also specialized in the production of every kind of leather, thus if you won’t find the skin you are looking for, we will be able to produce it thanks to our collaborations, following carefully each stage of the process for you.

We invite you to contact us for details, price lists, quotation and consulting

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