Wholesale Leather Supplier

Leather Stock Lots

The leather of the best Italian tanneries sold at a fraction of the original price

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Vegetable Tanned Leather Supplier

We supply any type of vegetable leather. Thanks to many years of experience in the tanning industry you will find only the best Italian hides
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Leather Scraps and Remnants Supplier

The largest warehouse in Italy with a wide variety of choices

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We are wholesale leather suppliers of Vegetable Tanned Leather, Stock Lot Leather, Regular Production Leather, Scraps and Remnants.

Since 1950, Mapel & C is specialized in the supply and wholesale of any kind of leather all over the world. In our showroom and warehouses you will be able to view the greatest diversity and availability of leather hides. We buy, tan, select and sell leather hides, advising the customer on the most suitable products for his needs. We field our experience of leather supplier, more than 70 years long, in favor of our customers, dispensing professionalism and attention to details.

In one place you will find all the leather you need, at the best price and with the guarantee of “Made in Italy” quality. Thanks to our variety of leather hides, you will no longer need to visit different tanneries or dealers as you will have everything at your fingertips: from veg tan leather for belts and saddlery, to the Italian premium calfskin for bags, shoes and wallets, up to upholstery cowhides and clothing lambskins.

Mapel is also the biggest leather supplier in Italy of leather stock lot and bulk leather: we collect leftovers and end of season productions from leather goods factories and fashion brands, we select them and we make them available for the creation of quality collections but at lower costs.

And these are our Strengths



Leather for sale by the meter or by weight, coming from the best tanneries, with savings of up to 70% compared to the original price.

Leather hides supply


We supply regular production leather and if you don’t find the leather you need, we can make almost any item on request.

Vegetable tanned leather


Italian vegetable tanned leather supply: produced with the traditional Tuscan method and with prices suitable for any budget.

Leather Scraps and Remnants


Thanks to our collection and selection process, we aim to give new life to production waste by offering you a quality product.

Why are we considered the leader in leather hides supply?

In this field we have conquered the international market using “Made in Italy“. Leather produced in Italy is notoriously considered the best from a qualitative point of view, which is why the big fashion brands for their luxury items, or the furniture factories for their leather details, rely mostly on Italian production. We manage to intercept these leathers and offer them at lower costs and without minimum order quantities. Stock lot leather, vegetable tanned leather, scraps, wet-blue leather and raw leather hides are in our DNA, we have been dealing with any type of leather for over seventy years, offering seriousness, reliability and our know-how in attention to detail.

We are also leather supplier of wet salted raw hides, crust and wet blue leather

Wet Salted leather

Wet Salted Bellies & Trimmings

The choice of wet salted raw leather plays a key role in the tanning process and leather business. Mapel is today the largest exporter of wet salted cow and bull bellies, with hundreds of containers exported each year. We are also specialized in the trade and selection of wet salted heads, trimmings and hides.

Wet Blue Leather

Wet-Blue & Wet-White Leather

Mapel is one of the largest exporters of Wet Blue splits and Wet White leather. The Wet Blue and Wet White leathers are part of a more complex tanning process that sees the skin crossing different phases. One of these is the pre-tranning from which we get this type of unique products that can be offered to the market.

Natural veg tan leather

Natural Veg Tan Leather

Mapel offers a wide selection of leather tanned with veg tan technique. This skin is 100% vegetable, doesn’t contain chromium or harmful substances for humans. Vegetable leather improves over time by absorbing the characteristics of lived which give the skin uniqueness and exceptional resistance.

We advise customers on the leather that best suits their needs

The years of experience as leather supplier allow us to have important skills to make available to our customers. We can recommend the most suitable product according to the project in which it will be used. In our showroom you will find a wide selection of leather coming from the most important Italian fashion companies and tanneries that can be used according to their characteristics in a large number of projects obtaining great results at low costs. We are also specialized in the production of every kind of leather, thus if you won’t find the skin you are looking for, we will be able to produce it thanks to our partnerships, following carefully each stage of the process for you.

We invite you to contact us for further details

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