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Leather Wholesale Since 1950

In an field where innovation has never been taken into account, where to the customer satisfaction has never been given due importance, Mapel aims to change the concept of business in the leather trade, offering products and services that meet the customer needs at competitive prices.

Professionalism for a demanding market

We offer a service based on knowledge, experience and attention to detail: this is what allows us to stand out from the competition. By adopting an innovative PULL logic approach, we start from the needs of the market and of our customers, achieving the best possible result.

Dott. Carlo Ciardi
Graduated in philosophy, for over 40 years in the leather industry, he is expert in raw and finished leather.
Dott.ssa Barbara Matteucci
Member of the board of directors
Graduated in foreign languages, working in leather business for over 30 years, she is expert of leather stock lots and scraps.  
Dott. Ing. Tommaso Ciardi
Project Manager
Graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management Economics, deals with customers and business management control.

We are leaders in the field


Over 70 years of experience in the leather business have made us a reliable and competent company. Our foreign markets confirm and appreciate it.


Our customers and the markets we have won speak for us. We are leaders in Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia and we work with the most important names in fashion business.

Professional skills

We pay close attention to each of our work. We believe that the quality of each work always pays off.


We do not just sell what we are asked for, but we provide our experience and passion to help the customer achieve the best result in the project he has in mind.

Because we know what we sell

Purchase of Leather

We can buy leather for every need. We range from high quality leather to the cheapest one.

Leather Selection

Our experience allows us to properly evaluate the material we are buying, so that we do not disappoint our customer’s expectations.

We are the best in leather wholesale

Leather Stock Lots

Mapel offers both regular production leather and stock-lot leather wholesale. Many articles found in our showroom cover all the Italian know-how in leather production at an unbeatable price. This is possible because our company is specialized in collecting leather from tanneries, leather goods factories and big fashion brands.

Leather Scraps

Mapel offers to its customers a wide selection of cutlery, scraps, scarves, cuttings, trimmings and remnants of leather suitable for any leather production project: from making a small key ring to bags or sofas made with leather patchwork. These scraps come from the best Italian tanneries, shoe and handbags factories, sofas, furniture, garment, leather goods and upholstery.

We also supply any kind of leather

Wet Salted Bellies

The choice of raw leather plays a key role in the tanning process. Mapel is today the biggest exporter of wet salted cow and bull bellies, with hundreds of containers exported each year. We are specialized in the trade and selection of wet salted raw leather of all kinds. Fell free to contact us for updated quotation.

Wet Blue & Wet White

We are one of the largest exporters and producers of Wet Blue and Wet White leather. The Wet Blue and Wet White hides are part of a more complex tanning process that sees the leather crossing different phases. One of these is the pre-tanning from which we can get this type of products.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Leather wholesale of vegetable tanned leather. This kind of leather is 100% vegetable tanned, so it does not contain chromium or other harmful substances for human skin. The vegetable tanned leather improves over the time by absorbing the characteristics of the experience that give to the skin unique features of irreproducibility.


Mapel & C. is awarded at the Hong Kong International Leather Fair (APLF) for the 25th consecutive year of participation.

Leather Wholesale Award

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