Leather Scraps Wholesale

Leather Scraps & Remnants Wholesale

We are the larger exporter worldwide

We provide a full range of leather scraps coming from the best Italian factories and fashion brands

Mapel & C provides to its customers a wide selection of many kinds of leather scraps, trimmings, remnants, cuttings and inventories both on chrome and vegetable tanned leather suitable for the production of every kind of item: with leather scraps or remnants you can produce at extremely low prices leather goods such as: bags, wallets, accessories, shoes, gloves or make patchworks.

With thousands of tons and containers exported every year, Mapel & C represents nowadays the largest and most reliable exporter with a reputation that precedes us since 1950.

In our showroom you will find leather scraps, remnants and skins sold by weight of all kinds

leather scraps wholesale

We offer leather scraps, off-cuts and remnants coming from Italian furnishing factories, from tanneries, from shoes and leather goods factories which use the best bovine leather available on the market. In fact, a product that comes from a sofas factory could be suitable for making a leather bag and vice versa. For example, tanneries or furniture factories scraps are widely used for making shoes, which do not require very large pieces for their realization as they are made up of several parts.

In addition Mapel offers cuttings and scraps coming from Italian factories of garment, handbags, clothing and leather goods, among which the big fashion brands, with which our company boasts strong partnerships through which we can offer our customers the best leather available on the market at extremely advantageous prices.

leather scraps
leather mixed skins sold by weight

Finally, in our showroom, you will find mixed skins (sheepskin and bovine), in various finishes (patent, printed, aniline, dry-milled, laminated, embossed, splits etc.) sold by piece or by weight. These skins offer the best value for money on the market, as they combine the quality of made in Italy with an advantageous price as they comes from inventories of the end of season of the best Italian and International fashion firms.

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