Leather Stock Lots Wholesale

Leather Stock Lots Wholesale

Quality at best prices

Mapel is the Italian leader in Leather Stock Lots

Up to 70% off from production prices

We are definitely strong on the price of any kind of leather

Mapel offers both regular production leather and stock lot leather; many items you can find in our showroom, in fact, enclose all the Italian know-how, quality and design in leather production, at an unbeatable price. This is possible because our company is specialized in collecting leftovers, remnants and final season stocks of leather coming from tanneries, leather goods factories and from the most important fashion brands.

Leather Stock Lots Wholesale
Leather Stock Lots Wholesale
Leather Stock Lots Wholesale

Whether you are a big producer or a small craftsman, we invite you to come and visit our showroom, where you will be able to view our stock in person. Every skin we collect is carefully checked, selected, classified and measured to provide you with a timely and fast service. In our stock you will find leather of every kind that follow the latest fashion trends and production techniques. Printed skins, fancy skins, smooth calf skins, skins for the upper and every kind of leather with weekly arrivals of new lots.

The strength points of our leather stock

The variety of leather

Because our stock products come from diversified sources, we manage to offer many varieties of skins. This for us is a big added value appreciated by our customers.

Made in Italy

The leather produced in Italy is known to be the best worldwide in terms of quality. That is why important fashion brands and car makers rely solely on Italian production. Our choices often belong to this kind of leather.

Unbeatable Price

We manage to maintain competitive prices on a wide variety of leather hides. The worldwide sale and export of leather containers facilitates this process.

No minimum order

Despite we are wholesalers, Mapel does not require a minimum purchase quantity. Because of this we become accessible to every kind of customer. In fact, we are able to range from the large industry that needs large quantities of leather, up to the small craftsman who has to produce his limited series products.

We invite you to contact us for details and clarifications

Our staff is at your disposal from Monday to Friday at opening hours.

Tel.  + 39 0571 499345