Regular Production Leather

Our Regular Production Leather

Quality and attention to details

The main types of regular production leather

Wet Salted Cow Bellies

Wet Salted Cow & Bull Bellies

The choice of raw leather material plays a key role in the tanning process. Mapel is today the largest exporter of wet salted cow bellies, heads, trimmings and hides, with hundreds of containers exported each year. We are specialized in the trade and selection of raw wet salted leather bellies.

Wet Blue & Wet White Leather

Wet Blue & Wet White Leather

Mapel is one of the largest exporters of Wet Blue and Wet White hides. The Wet Blue and Wet White skins are part of a more complex tanning process that sees the skin crossing different phases. One of these is the pre-tanning from which we can get this type of unique product.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Mapel offers a wide choice of Vegetable Tanned Leather tanned with this ancient traditional technique. This leather is 100% vegetable tanned, and contains no chromium or other harmful substances for humans. This kind of skins improve with time absorbing the characteristics of the lived which give to the leather unique characteristics and unrepeatability.

Mapel is also a leader in the sale of leather stock and leather scraps

This variety of products for which Mapel is the leader in Italy allows the customer a wide range of choices with a very good value for money.

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