Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable Tanned Leather

The best Italian production at very competitive prices

The vegetable tanned leather offers the features and versatility well known to the experts of this business. It absorbs the experience but does not age, each skin has a personal character and becomes a life partner. This leather is 100% vegetable tanned in Italy, so it does not contain chromium or high harmful substances that may come in contact with human skin. This natural leather improves with time absorbing the characteristics of the lived that gives to the skins unique characteristics of irreproducibility.

Mapel & C. offers to wholesalers and manufacturers a wide selection of vegetable tanned leather for belts, shoes, sandals, bags and saddlery making.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

We offer both stock and regular production vegetable skins. Many items present in stock have a much more affordable price compared to the production ones because they come from stocks. Over seventy years of experience in the leather business allow us to offer constant support to our customers and to guarantee a quality product that has the characteristics of “made in Italy“. In our warehouses and showroom you can buy vegetable tanned leather at extremely cheap prices if it comes from stock lots or at very competitive prices if it comes from regular production. In both cases you fill find skins suitable for the production of belts, leather goods, shoes, sandals and saddlery after having viewed them personally. If you do not find the right product ready for you, you can request a quotation and we will professionally produce the item that meets your needs. For those who are not sure about which product could best fit their needs we are glad to put at your disposal our long experienced advice in this field.

In the Vegetable Tanned Leather the grain is usually well visible because the skins can be left in the natural state without any finishing or it can be further refined. This kind of leather is, in fact, the only one that can be used semi-finished (natural crust) or further finished (i.e. with aniline).

Our contacts with the best tanneries in the field allow us to have a great variety of best quality hides at great prices: visiting our showroom will be like attending a leather fair.

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